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Open Paint Sessions (No Instructor)

These sessions are designed for groups of artists working on individual, self-guided projects.  These artists assist and critique each other and share ideas and tips.  "Open Paint" sessions designated “All levels” means experienced artists in these sessions may be available to mentor beginners who would like some help. 

(Beginning) Watercolor (Doni Murphy)

The goal for this class is to have fun exploring the fascinating world of watercolor.  Basic elements and techniques will be discussed. We will experiment with creative washes, mingling colors, negative painting, textures, glazes, and other concepts. Classes will consist of instruction, demonstrations, and time to practice painting. Individual guidance and support is provided as needed.


(Intermediate) Watercolor Basics and Beyond (Linda Smith)

This class is designed to teach a solid foundation in watercolor for those who wish to explore and improve watercolor painting techniques. A full range of watercolor concepts, subjects, application techniques, and forms of watercolor will be presented to enable the student to achieve confidence and mastery while enjoying the painting process. In this class setting, students will receive individual guidance and support in a friendly and relaxed environment.

Classes will consist of demonstrations by the instructor, structured painting exercises, critiques, and painting projects that will employ the techniques and processes presented. Students will learn that watercolor is a unique medium with lots of room for experimentation and creative play.


(Intermediate) Acrylic and Oil Painting (Linda Smith)

Open to all skill levels, this class is designed as a studio experience with the instructor giving individual guidance to each student. Students will work at their own pace, on their own subjects, while exploring the medium of their choice. Short lectures on specific topics will be given at each class so that students may develop an understanding and proficiency in their individual medium, while addressing both technical and formal problems in painting.

(Beginning / Intermediate)  Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain  (Jean Thorne)

“Drawing is a skill that can be taught and can be learned… it does not depend on genetic good fortune to be born an artist.” Betty Edwards, author of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain 


Jean Thorne will be using the DVD of Betty Edwards, author of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain to introduce you to the five component skills Betty Edwards has identified as necessary to learning how to draw realistically. Usually this class is taught in an intensive 5 day workshop. Instead, Jean is going to spread this well designed workshop over 8 weeks. She will be using the DVD of Betty Edwards to introduce each component skill. Then, along with doing each of the exercises demonstrated on the DVD, this class will expand to include  fun exercises that support the skills Betty Edwards defines in her DVD. We will explore our drawing tools, how  to shift from left brain to right brain awareness, and the principles introduced by Betty Edwards.  Each class has been developed for you to discover and expand your knowledge and skills in a fun, non-judgmental environment. This class is appropriate for beginning novices and anyone just not satisfied with their drawing skills.


The only tools you'll need for the first 2 classes are a #2 drawing pencil, and paper.


So if you’re interested in learning how to draw and push through the roadblocks that have prevented you from drawing, then come to Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain PLUS. 

(Beginning) "Contemporary Art for Those With No Talent"   Including, Paper Mache', acrylic painting, painting non traditional items, yet to be defined.

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